leo weigand

ukko – tangible tutorials

technology exploration

Ukko is a learning system for interactive video tutorials. Using objects cut out of ordinary paper, digital learning material becomes more tangible and comprehensible for students. The system consists of a fold-out camera and an online platform, where teachers can upload video tutorials and exercise sheets for students to perform interactive exercises. Using cheap off-the-shelf hardware and computer vision, Ukko makes it possible for many exercises to be evaluated and analysed automatically. In line with the idea of the flipped classroom model, it allows teachers to spend less time explaining mathematical concepts rather than socially interacting with students.


Ukko was a fourth-semester project in the course Interface Design by Fabian Gronbach. It had an emphasis on physical prototyping which was mainly my part. I developed a working prototype for the interactive tutorial concept using web technologies and OpenCV in Python.

Team: Marianne Spieß, Martina Eckert.