leo weigand is a designer working with pixels and code to build tools for humans. work

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About me

Hi, I am Leo ✌️

leo tinkering with electronics
When I was little, I knew I wanted to become an inventor. Today, I try to live up to that through developing ideas and bringing them to life with the help of modern technology and effective design.

During my studies at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, I learned the importance of communication – from working with my team partners and from always thinking in terms of who I am designing for. I love coming up with ideas, building prototypes and challenging my assumptions in a user test. From paper sketches to high-fidelity web prototypes, I choose whatever works to turn an idea into reality. I am interested in all user-facing issues, whether it is more efficient workflows, a fancy micro-interaction or implementing a new component for the design system. Since I always have to be aware of users’ problems and needs, I like to think of my role as a designer as being the “user’s advocate”.

discovering javascript
Fifteen-year-old me, discovering the powers of JavaScript – and Adobe After Effects.
I am very passionate about the web – both for what it represents as an open knowledge sharing platform and for the great products it has made possible. I started learning HTML about nine years ago when I was building a website for my mother’s business and have since spent many hours building things with web technologies. Because of web standards evolving so rapidly, I like to stay up to date on the latest UI Frameworks, best-practices such as progressive web apps or trends like data-fetching with GraphQL.

When I am not busy fighting dark UX patterns with my lightsaber, I like to spend my time climbing or going outside for a run, which balances me and makes it easier to appreciate the little things again ;)


Say hi!

portrait of leo
I am currently looking for work! If you would like to have a chat, I’d be happy to hear from you.